• Move Better
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    Movement Specialist

    Not all movement is created equal. Good movement helps & heals, bad movement hurts & harms. What you want is only the good kind & that’s the only kind Anita uses.

    Movement related pain is a reality of life for most people at one time or another. It can be a frustrating & disheartening experience as it squeezes the energy & enjoyment out of life.


    Whether your pain & movement impairment is due to injury, repetitive strain, overexertion, or a degenerative condition there are overlooked natural movement solutions available for most people, especially those who have tried repeatedly & given up or have been told, “there is nothing that can be done.”

    Find & fix the source of your pain & movement problem with Anita. Reclaim your comfort & confidence. Do more of what you live for!

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  • Dont Just Workout…

    Master Trainer

    Not all training is created equal. Good training builds you up physically & emotionally, bad training breaks you down in body & spirit. What you want is good training & Anita is the Master of it.

    Good training leaves you energized & encouraged; not exhausted or discouraged. It’s fun & satisfying. Hint, unless it’s personalized, it’s not Personal Training. No one-size-fits-all for you!


    Whether you train for health, fitness, sports, or simply to look & feel your best, you want training you can trust. Welcome to 3-Dimensional Training. It’s different. It’s better. It breaks the training mold not you. 3-D delivers better results in less time with less effort because it is individualized to you & your goals. Nothing is wasted, nothing is missed.

    Great training begins with a Great Trainer. Experience world-class Master Training with Anita!

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  • Be Moved.
    Be Stilled.
    Be Freed.

    Massage Therapy

    Not all massage is created equal. Good massage loosens & liberates, bad massage just rubs you the wrong way. What you want is the good kind & that’s what Anita specializes in. Ah, that’s it!

    Massage is more than just a rub down. It’s a true art form when done well – you’ll know it when you feel it. Great massage sculptures the tissue, releases the stress & touches the soul.


    Whether you are hurting or healing, worked-up or stressed-out, or perhaps simply celebrating life lived well, a masterful massage can change everything. Stress tightness, tension, pain, motion, e-motion, sensation & circulation are all interconnected & interdependent. When all are moved “Just Right” peace & freedom re-emerge.

    Discover a deeper relaxation. Put the bounce back in your step. Get your next attitude adjustment with Anita.

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  • Move Better
    Feel Better
    Get Better

    Sports Performance

    If you are an athlete you have a competitive spirit by nature. You are fuelled by challenge & driven by possibility. You compete against others, but mostly, you compete within yourself.

    Optimal performance means there is nothing holding you back – not physically, not emotionally, not behaviourally.


    Traditional sports strength, conditioning, & skill training science are incapable of finding & fixing such problems even at the professional level. Why? Because it is not 3-Dimensional or functional. So critical glitches & gaps are overlooked & performance suffers.

    Anita’s 3-D Functional testing & training systems find & fix problems to free-up performance.

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  • Dream it.
    Do it.
    Earn it.

    Indoor Cycling

    The Hartland Movement Center is fortunate to have a facility dedicated to Indoor cycling, personal training and massage services. We have 12 cycling stations with personal screens to view your data regarding your workout. We have a large screen TV for entertainment purposes.

    Different from other indoor cycling in the area, the Hartland Movement Center uses PERF Pro software and CompuTrainer software. The Perf Pro program has the ability to share the workout information which can record an individual’s data and email it to them after the class.

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    Each class is led by a coach. Power, cadence and workout zones are set for each rider based on an initial time trial. As the class progresses and fitness is increased, additional time trials are performed. By the end of the program, participants will have increased cycling efficiency and fitness levels.

    Proven results – On average a 12-24% increase in watts for 1st year and experienced riders.

    The Hartland Movement Center is offering this purpose-driven program for $500 for the Full Season (11/4/19 – 3/29/20), or choose Session 1 for $275 (11/4/19 – 1/12/20) Session 2 for $275 (1/13/20 – 3/29/20)

    We are also offering: Long Ride opportunities on 12/8/19, 1/5/20, 2/16/20, 3/8/20, and 4/5/20

    Program includes:

    • UNLIMITED riding
    • NEW stretching area
    • FREE bike storage
    • FREE towel service
    • Improved heart rate and cadence monitoring


    “If you are looking for a great training facility to keep your cycling condition going through the rough winter months you can find no better place to train than the Hartland Movement Center Computraing program. The instructors and program will push you to a new level. More importantly you will have a head start on your cycling friends, mid-summer form once the Spring weather turns. You will be pushed not only by the instructors but also the great group of riders of all levels.”

    “I enjoy training at HMC during the Winter with my friends. The instruction lead by Cheryl Sinitz is challenging and her music keeps it real! I appreciate having a fine facility like HMC to train at. Thanks Anita Krier in the investment to keep our wheels turning!” ~ TK (Founding Cyclist – 2017-18)

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